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Smart Sanding Line

"Alpamayo was a key partner in validating the benefits of our automation solution through data-driven analytics. With extensive expertise in data analytics, they helped identify the right data sources and parameters. Their professionalism and commitment led to a smooth collaboration and the result was absolutely gratifying: we were able to confirm most of our hypotheses and make informed decisions." - Sebastian Kohlhase, Head of Automation & Digital Solutions - Marketing & Sales


    Steinemann Technology AG is a technology leader in sanding technology. The wood manufacturing industry operates at notably low profit margins due to intense competition and variable raw material costs.

    Consequently, the industry is heavily reliant on high throughput to remain profitable. Operational Equipment Efficiency (OEE), which measures the effectiveness of a manufacturing process, is pivotal in this context.

    An increase in OEE denotes better utilization of resources, less downtime, and a decrease in waste. Given the narrow profit margins, even a marginal improvement in OEE can have a significant impact on a company's bottom line.

Steinemann Technology AG


    The medium-sized machine manufacturer from eastern Switzerland has begun executing an ambitious digital strategy. It encompasses a one-in-a-kind automation solution, which significantly raises the quality and raw material utilization in their machines.

    Alpamayo initially supported Steinemann in building a data management system capable of consolidating data from a global population of sanding lines, while navigating the complex data sharing requirements of Steinemann's customers.

    The availability of high quality, up-to-date data has served as the basis for generating key process insights and allowed for Steinemann's service to support customers in increasing availability and process health across multiple customer sites.
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