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Use Cases

We help you create value from your machines' data throughout diverse applications.

  • metalworking

  • woodworking

  • textiles

  • robotics

  • plastics

  • food & beverage

  • intralogistics

  • and more...


Minimal downtime | Risk aversion | Service level agreements

With insights from PREKIT, you can reduce machine downtime by up to 80%. Avoid the self-destructive price war with low-cost competitors by becoming the provider whose machines don't fail. In doing so, you can develop a product and service offering that is in a league of its own.



Machining Prognostics

Early fault detection and predictive service for enhanced reliability in machining centers

Steinemann Technology AG

Smart Sanding Line

Leading the wood industry with cutting-edge sanding technology, Steinemann leverages data-driven insights to raise OEE.

Not the type of use case you were looking for? Contact us for an in-depth discussion about your application.

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