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PREKIT Integrated Analytics

Provide your customers the data-driven insights they need to proactively operate and maintain your machines


Build with Proven & Scalable Software


Develop AI Algorithms in a Standardized Process


Directly Deployable with Fully Automated MLOps 


How it works?

Our software PREKIT enables you to provide advanced, data-driven monitoring & diagnostic tools to your customers.

In 5 Simple Steps

You've already connected your machines and built your data platform? PREKIT runs in multiple modules that seamlessly blend with your existing data architecture. Jump to Algorithm Development.

PREKIT Connect

We provide you with a pre-configured LTE Edge Device. Or many.

You mount it in your machine's control cabinet and connect it via ethernet to the machine controller.

Your Data Acquisition Strategy

PREKIT provides you with fine-grained control over...

Data Sharing: Specify which data is logged and whether it is stored and processed on-site or in a central cloud.

Data Model: Enrich data with contextual information by assigning signals to the system elements and process steps they provide information about.

Your Data Management Platform

Based on your configuration, PREKIT generates a data model tailored to your machine.

Providing you with a ready-to-use Data Management Platform.

So you can store and access your data.

prekit_4_data management.png

Auto-Discovery of Signals

The Edge Device automatically connects with PREKIT and registers the new asset.

PREKIT, via OPC-UA, scans for all sensors & signals available for diagnostics purposes.



Manage Your Data


Connect Your Machines

Building with PREKIT, it takes days to create and deploy

Your Digital Twin for Condition and Process Monitoring.

The basis for industrial-grade AI.

Monitoring a single asset or one thousand.

Intuitively accessible via API.


PREKIT implements the DeepFMEA framework. So you can develop, operate and control enhanced monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics algorithms with fine grained control.

Do you want to learn more about how DeepFMEA systematically combines your process know-how with your data to produce more reliable predictions? Read the paper: DeepFMEA Framework

Your Use Case

You specify, which critical failure modes you want PREKIT to predict. 

And their typical consequences, and how they are managed in the field.

AI-Enhanced Monitoring

PREKIT's probabilistic monitoring algorithm learns how your application and the process it runs behaves, when healthy.

And notifies operators & maintainers, when an anomaly is detected. Together with the information needed to pinpoint its origin faster.

prekit_7_ai enhanced monitoring.png


Continuously Learning Algorithms


Initialize DeepFMEA

Risk Optimization

PREKIT computes a baseline (economic) risk profile for these failure modes.

Its used to benchmark each detection method based on its impact to reduce your operators' risk.


AI-Enhanced Diagnostics

PREKIT develops probablistic diagnostic algorithms to predict the most likely failure modes, given an anomaly is detected. Allowing operators & maintainers to manage them more efficiently.

And tests them regarding the performance measures derived from your objectives.

prekit_8_diagnostic algorithms.png

Enhanced by your Expertise 

PREKIT provides you with intuitive visual tools to interpret detected anomalies and assign them to specific failure modes

And compute and analyze meaningful virtual sensor on the data from your entire machine population.

background PREKIT takeoff_edited.jpg


Deploy and Operate Your Monitoring & Diagnostics Tool

Tailored Rollout

You maintain fine-grained control over reported metrics & insights for individual target groups (operators, maintainers, ...).

Decide which asset should be monitored.

And choose the reporting channels
(via dashboard, apps, or custom API-integrations).

Fully Automated Operations (MLOps)

PREKIT adapts the diagnostic algorithms to every machine's operating context. 

Provides them as a diagnosis tool to all specified customers in the desired way.

Continuously monitors data quality and algorithm performance in operation. And automatically adapts and enhances the algorithms when required.

Want to learn more about ML Ops?
Check Out: MLOps for Industrial Analytics


Provide operators & maintainers with

The Most Advanced Monitoring & Diagnostic Tools

With specific insights that reduce total cost of ownership of your machines

In the way they want:
API. Whitelabel Dashboards. Custom Solutions.


PREKIT is your Anywhere-to-End Solution. 

We designed PREKIT as an orchestration of modular services. So you can acquire the capabilities you still lack by blending individual modules into your existing data architecture.


Provide your customers the insights they need
to proactively maintain and operate your machines.

Leverage proven best practices instead of taking every pitfall.

Build upon mature and robust technology from day one.

Scaling boosts your algorithms' performance instead of melting down your system.

Develop and deploy monitoring and diagnostics solutions within weeks while competitors are stuck in endless R&D projects.


Any More Questions?

  • Is PREKIT only available as a managed service or can I run it on my own infrastructure?
    PREKIT is an orchestration of containerized services building upon open source frameworks. So we can provide you PREKIT as a managed service. Or you can run PREKIT modules in your private cloud or on premise. You can even run some of the services directly on edge, so no data needs to be centralized. In the end, this is totally up to you. We will provide you PREKIT in the way that best suits your and your customers' requirements.
  • Some of my customers are hesitant to share their data. Can I still provide them valuable data-driven services?
    Yes, within PREKIT you can configure customer- and even machine-specifically what data is transmitted and what modules directly run on edge. Together, we will tailor the localization of PREKIT modules between your cloud and the edge. So, while respecting your individual customers' data sharing limitations you can still develop, distribute and operate top-notch diagnosis tools with PREKIT.
  • Can I integrate other data than my machines' sensor data?
    Yes. In some cases this might even be necessary to provide meaningful diagnosis tools. Together, we will decide on what other data (maintenance and service histories, recipe settings, ...) is necessary. And then ensure a fast and seamless integration into your Digital Twin.
  • I already integrated IoT connectivity for my machines?
    No problem. Given it's modular architecture, PREKIT can seamlessly build upon your connectivity solution.
  • I already have a data architecture and digital twin set up?
    That's great. You can leverage the PREKIT Predictive Analytics Engine and the DeepFMEA Framework to develop and operate your diagnosis tools in combination with your own data architecture.
  • I have already developed promising diagnosis algorithms. Can I integrate them into PREKIT?
    Yes. We can integrate your algorithms into the PREKIT Predictive Analytics Engine. So you can combine its MLOps capabilities to finally bring your algorithms to production. And, depending on your so-far data architecture, catch up with everything else that's required to provide them to your customers.
  • How long will it take to set-up PREKIT and provide value to my customers?
    This depends on your initial situation. If you leverage PREKIT as an End-to-End solution, it will be fully working within days. Of course, a blended integration into your ecosystem will take a few weeks to have everything fully set up. Then, after the initial setup, you can develop and rollout first diagnosis tools within only few weeks.
  • What does PREKIT cost?
    You can obtain PREKIT End-to-End as of a yearly license fee of 25'000€. Of course Anywhere-to-End's prices depend strongly on the elements of PREKIT you want to blend into your data-driven service architecture.
  • How can I access PREKIT?
    We are well aware of your unique situation. Therefore, we provide PREKIT in the way that best suits your requirements: As a Managed Service As a Licenced Software running on your own infastructure (Private Cloud / On Premise) Strongly customized and fully integrated into your software-stack (including IP-Transfer)
  • PREKIT doesn't exactly fit my use case, but I like the general approach. Can I still leverage it?
    Yes you can. We also provide our DeepFMEA Framework and unique expertise regarding the successful realization of industrial predictive analytics as consulting. Whether a workshop on data architecture, building up your custom data management system, or developing algorithms and MLOps capabilities uniquely tailored to your specific use case - Alpamayo is your reliable partner for success.
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