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A Future-Proof World Requires
Future-Proof Production Systems.

We Make Them Reality.

As former R&D engineers and consultants, we developed AI-enhanced monitoring and diagnostic tools for OEMs throughout dozens of R&D projects. One of the most important learnings throughout the first projects? Algorithms alone don’t make it to the shopfloor.

The reason?

Deploying data-driven technology at scale requires a well-orchestrated set of automated services, continuously monitoring, tracking and optimizing the solution (MLOps). And sound data management.

Developing and operating the necessary software components requires a highly specialized skillset. Which most machine manufacturers lack. And even if they have it, they often end up over-customizing data architectures, missing standardization and the consistent application of best practices.

The consequences?

Budgets are overrun. Deadlines missed. And time-to-market grows to years. So machine manufacturers shy away from providing corresponding services. Or have to go through a bloody process, learning at a high cost.

That's a problem — Not only for OEMs.

Data-driven insights profoundly affect the way we manage the lifecycle of our assets. They align untapped economic potentials of increased reliability and optimized service with a more sustainable usage of parts and machinery. OEMs are in the unique position to provide advanced, interpretable monitoring and diagnostic tools. Making industries more sustainable and securing their own technological leadership.

So we decided we needed to act.

From the best practices and lessons learned by developing AI-enhanced condition monitoring innovations across the industry, we distilled the DeepFMEA Framework. And founded Alpamayo to bring it to life. Our software, PREKIT, enables machine manufacturers - no matter how big and digitally mature - to offer their customers the insights they seek to proactively operate and maintain their machines. Without technological risks. Within weeks. And affordable.

That's how we contribute to building future-proof production systems.
From an economic and sustainability perspective.


Who we are?

We, Christoph, Till and Benedikt, set out on our mission in Fall 2022. Since then, we’ve grown to a core team of 7 passionate specialists. Giving 110% every day to ensure that our customers excell with AI-enhanced monitoring and diagnostic tools.

What's in it for you?

Starting to work with Alpamayo means gaining a reliable partner.

We get involved deeply to fully understand your needs and challenges. We bring our expertise from dozens of successful industrial analytics projects to the table. And we leverage it to jointly develop the optimal strategy to reach your goals. No matter if you intend to make use of the efficiciency of building with PREKIT’s modules. Or decide you require a fully-customized implementation. You can be certain to build on proven technology and best practices.​

And we follow a value-first approach. No year-long development in the lab. We ensure that you can deliver to your customers fast. Why? Because as a young company we’re well aware of the importance of fast delivery to learn, validate and iterate in business development. This, hand in hand with top-notch data-driven tools, will ensure your data-driven service success.

We're happy to share:

Our way of work resonates with our customers.

Data Management Platform & Analytics

"Alpamayo was a key partner in validating the benefits of our automation solution through data-driven analytics. With absolutley gratifying results after a smooth collaboration."
Sebastian Kohlhase

Head of Automation & Digital Solutions

Logo_RHI Magnesita_Regular.png

Data Management & MLOps Software Modules

The Health Check Platform informs users about the condition of equipment and refractory parts. Added up by decision support on next steps. All empowered by continuously monitored and enhancing ML algorithms operating on sensor and Level 1 and 2 customer data.  

Data and MLOps Architecture Consulting

"The expertise and commitment of the Alpamayo team made our workshop extremely productive and informative. The practical insights and actionable recommendations will undoubtedly have a positive impact on our project.“
sebastian felder eggersmann.jpg
Dr. Sebastian Felder

Head of Data Science & Engineering

Custom Expert System

"Through comprehensive expertise, positive momentum, professional project planning, and excellent collaboration with Steinemann, Alpamayo has developed a functioning expert system within a few weeks."
thomas räber steinemann_edited.jpg
Thomas Räber

Vice President


Want to visit us?

We’re based in Switzerland and Germany.

So you can choose between two unparalleled locations. You can visit us at QUBO in the picturesque town of Sarnen close to Lucerne. So we can sit down and discuss your data-driven service strategy with a wonderful panorama view of the Swiss Alps. Or we can meet in the digitalHub, Germany’s first co-working space in a former church. 


And those two great places to work not only boost our motivation. They also enable us to be part of two amazing networks full of great support.

digiHub logo.png

Still reading?

To say thank you, we have a special easter egg for you.

Have you already been wondering what our name, Alpamayo, is about?

Well. It’s not about mixing up the Alps and mayonnaise.

Back in our founding days, we were exhausted after hours of brainstorming for a fancy company name. So we started thinking outside the box. What we came up with? All three of our founders are or have been doing pro bono development cooperation in South America. And love hiking.

So we decided to choose the continent’s most beautiful mountain as our company name: Alpamayo. You can actually see it in the background. It is a magnificent and desirable goal for mountaineers. But also a huge challenge. We thought this fits quite well with the situation many OEMs face when trying to realize AI-enhanced monitoring and diagnostics.

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