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Your partner for best-in-class predictive maintenance solutions.

We rethink predictive maintenance systems to make best-in-class technology highly accessible for machine manufacturers, enabling them to strenghten bonds with their customers and exploit new business models in aftersales.
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A win-win situation for machine manufacturers and their customers

Machine manufacturers, who ship their equipment with the integrated ability to self-monitor, self-diagnose, and self-medicate don't only maximize asset availability for their customers. Access to the real time health data from your machine population puts you in a position to proactively manage supply chains and field service with maximum efficiency.

Predictive maintenance future-proofs your product and strengthens the bond you have with your customers, enabling you to create and grow stable and recurring revenue streams that extend deep into your product's lifecycle. 


PREKIT leverages machine manufacturers' unique position in the value chain to create the most advanced predictive maintenance systems.

Incorporates unique know-how

Your ability to explicitly incorporate unique expertise distinguishes good systems from best-in-class.

We will guide you in designing a reference cycle with a characteristic data response that serves as your product’s unique fingerprint. Then we will help you connect this data with your know-how to create a truly hybrid solution that leverages the best of classical predictive maintenance and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.

Private by design

Your customers’ process is sensitive. We have the answers.

The reference cycles used to compute your equipment's fingerprint can be designed to ensure that its data response contains isolates health information from any sensitive process information.

Learns across machine population

The PREKIT AI engine leverages your data to evolve your solution to uncharted levels of predictive capabilities.

PREKIT enables you to design your system to learn from the data of an entire machine population. You can roll out a solution that provides actionable insights within weeks. We ensure that it continuously evolves to uncharted levels of predictive capabilities.

Fully managed

PREKIT allows you to seamlessly roll out to all machines of a product line.

Once your solution is able to provide actionable insights you can leverage our diagnostics service and without worrying about creating any of support teams and IT-infrastructure needed to operate an industry-grade system.

Step 1


The PREKIT workflow is a journey designed to make best-in-class technology accessible even for small and medium-sized businesses – likely 90% more cost- and time-efficient than  in-house development.

01| Potential Analysis

Relevant error modes defined

Predictive maintenance strategy aligned with business cases

Requirements analysis

Implementation concept

02| Sensors & Connectivity

Equipment enabled to send data to the PREKIT platform

If needed, condition monitoring sensors are integrated

Step 2
Step 3

03| Machine Fingerprint

Your engineers have...

... defined reference cycles

... incorporated machine expertise

... incorporated field service heuristics

Step 4

04 | Field Testing

Deployment with friendly customers & in own manufacturing

System at Level 1 capabilities

Step 5

05 | Rollout & Continuous Improvement

Rollout with new machines of product line

Exponential data availability

Continuous evolution to Level 2 and Level 3 capabilities



We are a team of engineers and AI developers with experience in building predictive maintenance capabilities in the energy, mining, transportation, and manufacturing sectors. When done right, both efficiency and sustainability can be increased in the lifecycle of  manufacturing equipment, while contributing to its manufacturers' operational excellence. We founded our company, to make this technology highly accessible to them.

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