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Advance our UI & UX development using VueJS and Typescript. Craft interactive data visualizations, design intuitive interfaces, and collaborate closely with our backend team to ensure harmonious integration.


Sarnen / Aachen


Working Student or Internship

What You’ll Do

    Alpamayo, a tech startup and CSEM spinoff, is focused on creating intelligent maintenance and quality solutions for industrial applications. Our goal is to make these solutions more accessible through the development of PREKIT, a framework for process monitoring and predictive analytics. Combining in-depth process expertise with the power of AI, we strive to meet the intricate needs of machine manufacturers.

    PREKIT, our suite of software modules, is designed to encapsulate this approach. It empowers engineering teams to leverage their expert problem understanding to design powerful analytics solutions. The suite assists equipment manufacturers in providing valuable digital services to connected machines globally. Deployable as an end-to-end solution, PREKIT aids users right from initial pilot implementation to running a scalable, fully-managed service. Alternatively, it can seamlessly integrate with customers' existing digital ecosystems.
    As we grow, we're searching for driven student workers eager to join our technical team.

    You will collaborate closely with our CTO in the following tasks and recieve excellent guidance in your journey to becoming a backend & devops engineer:

    - Collaborate with Benedikt in developing intuitive interfaces and workflows within our Developer Cockpit that empower engineers to create market-leading predictive analytics algorithms.

    - Implement user interfaces within PREKIT and customized
    dashboards for individual customers' needs.

Who You are

    - Educational Background: Pursuing a degree Computer Science, or related field.

    - Frontend Development: Interest in UI/UX-design and familiarity with frontend development.

    - Adaptability: Comfortable in fast-paced environments with the aptitude to learn quickly and pivot tasks when required.

    - Initiative: Willingness to take ownership of tasks, from conception to deployment, and drive projects forward.
    - Proficiency in Javascript/Typescript
    - Experience with VueJS
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