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LAC² Interview

LAC2 is the ‘Lucerne AI and Cognitive Community.’ The community aims to make AI more accessible in Central Switzerland where we are based by creating bringing together of "AI vendors, consumers and stakeholders acting as a bridge to future value generation and a blueprint for AI hub concepts throughout the country."

Dr. Donnacha Daly interviewed our co-founders Christoph and Till in October 2022. Read the full interview here.

Before we go any further, I have to ask, where did you get the name Alpamayo? Based on our location at the foot of the alps in Obwalden, we really wanted to choose the name of a mountain for our company. But many of the local mountain names were unsuitable or already taken. Instead, we decided to take the name of a beautiful mountain in South America. We have a very strong connection with the region, both of us spent time there together doing NGO work on sanitation projects in Bolivia, before coming to Switzerland.


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