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Benedikt Schindele joins Alpamayo as Co-Founder & CMO

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Alpamayo enables machine manufacturers to quickly and easily establish best-in-class predictive maintenance solutions and open up related business opportunities. I have come to appreciate Christoph Netsch and Till Schöpe very much during our intensive collaboration at Aktion Sodis e.V. and admire every time anew the drive with which both act and achieve their goals. We have exchanged ideas regularly since the ideation phase and I am 100% convinced of the vision and strategy behind Alpamayo. That alone and the experience of both in implementing predictive maintenance projects would probably have been enough to convince me to join. Beyond that, however, Alpamayo also offers me the opportunity to combine my experience of the last few years in the manufacturing industry, development of organizations and user-centric development of digital products in a value-added way with my study background.

In my role as CMO, I will strongly focus on the topics of market and customer understanding based on my industry background. Furthermore, I will intensively push the development of our business, especially in Germany and in the Aachen university, industry and startup complex. However, the most important thing for me is to adapt the holistic experience of our clients to their needs in the best possible way, ensuring the best results and absolute satisfaction when working with Alpamayo.

I am excited to become part of the Alpamayo team, doing my part to lift the social and business value behind best-in-class predictive maintenance solutions as soon as possible!

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