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Machining Prognostics


    Willemin-Macodel sets the standard for machining center quality, trusted by top-tier clients in med-tech and the Swiss watch industry for years.

    In a bid to uphold their tech supremacy and deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction, the firm targets early fault detection and preemptive component failure predictions. However, devising resilient health metrics for a dynamic environment like a machining center poses a considerable task for the Willemin-Macodel engineers.



    With Alpamayo's backing, Willemin-Macodel has crafted a connectivity prototype compliant with industry standards. This system channels data to PREKIT's cloud infrastructure, where incoming sensor input is constantly scrutinized and systematically categorized.

    For accurate diagnostics, PREKIT evaluates data from specific reference cycles performed on connected machining centers, leveraging its sophisticated data normalization methods and process insights introduced by Willemin-Macodel's engineers.
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