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PREKIT is a composition of software and hardware modules created to leverage machine manufacturers' unique position in the value chain to create the most advanced predictive maintenance systems. It is designed as an end-to-end solution including all necessary factors from support in the development of a consistent predictive maintenance strategy up to the operation of a predictive maintenance solution as a scalable fully managed service.



Our development process will guide you through the steps of designing a reference cycle with a characteristic data response that serves as your product line’s unique fingerprint. We will help you link this data with your know-how to create a truly hybrid solution that leverages the best of classical predictive maintenance and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.


From the start PREKIT provides you with a scalable data architecture enabling you to create a system capable of learning from the data of an entire machine population. Consistency between all modules ensures, that you can seamlessly transition from development to a sandbox or full roll out within days.


Predicitve maintenance systems need maintenance too. By choosing our diagnostics service you avoid the need to create costly in-house structures and enalbe us to continuosly evolve your solution to uncharted levels of predictive capabilities as the available amount of data and events to learn from increases.

PREKIT Development

  • Define reference procedures, incorporate field service heuristics & machine expertise for a solution tailored to your product line

  • Extended package options include technical support & consulting

predictive maintenance development tool user interface
Basic: 10'000 CHF | Pro: 25'000 CHF


  • Ingest data from machine control

  • Local processing & inference

  • Extensibility via gateway & sensors

condition monitoring sensor and edge gateway
standard software modules free of cost

PREKIT Diagnostics Service

  • Roll out PdM to your global machine population with a fully-managed service

example condition monitoring dashboard
* CHF/month per machine
contact us to learn about our population size pricing tiers

Extensions &

  • Make your predictive maintenance data actionable in your business processes

  • Provide customized white-labeled dashboards and digital services to your customers

  • Access our partners R&D and integration services


Most plug-&-play solutions fail to acknowledge that a solution will remain unspecific and short-sighted unless it is tailored to the system and enriched with the engineer's knowledge of its behavior and failure modes. The

PREKIT platform is designed to function as a toolbox that aims to exploit the full potential of predictive maintenance, while coming as close to plug-&-play as possible.

Orchestrate AI models & probabilistic methods to transform raw data to actionable insights

Aggregate & manage data from connected machine population

Leverages available data to continuously evolve models to higher levels of AI capability

An intuitive interface designed to capture your machine expertise.

Consume predictive maintenance data where you need it:

  • third-party integrations (CRM, ERP, asset management,...)

  • field service dashboards

  • executive dashboards

  • customer-facing dashboards

Leverages available data to continuously evolve models to higher levels of AI capability

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