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From Strategy to Success:
Mastering the Pathway to Self-diagnosing Machines as an OEM

5 Webinars - One Goal

You having a holstic understanding of the possible value of predictive maintenance to your business and how to successfully leverage it from a strategic and technological perspective.

Our founders experience from successfully realising embedded predictive maintenance through numerous projects

Tailored to your needs as a responsible decision maker or project owner of an innovative machine manufacturing OEM

Absolutely free and flexible to join

Alpamayo Team Collective Incubator Aachen 2

Dive into the world of predictive maintenance with us! As an OEM of machines and other complex systems, the potential of integrating self-monitoring and self-diagnosing capabilities into your products is vast, from reducing downtime to pioneering new business models. The journey to successful predictive maintenance, however, is complex and must be tailored to your business. Our founders, seasoned in deploying predictive maintenance solutions across sectors, are eager to guide you. Join our webinar series to uncover key strategical and technological factors for success in predictive maintenance. Whether you're a decision-maker or project owner, our expertise promises immense value. We look forward to welcoming you online!


We are a team of production engineers, software and AI developers, with experiences in building predictive maintenance capabilities in the energy, mining, transportation, and manufacturing industries and integrating deep learning technology into multiple products as diverse as laboratory equipment and digital service platforms.


Christoph Netsch

CEO - Strategic Lead

Christoph (M.Sc. mechanical engineering) has developed, managed, and executed R&D projects for intelligent maintenance solutions throughout many industries. Drawing experience from working with multiple automotive and machine tool manufacturers, he knows how to successfully integrate predictive maintenance into a digitalization strategy and connect it to the technological level to successfully leverage its value.


Till Schöpe

CTO - Technical Lead

Till (M.Sc. electrical engineering, M.Sc. Cybernetics and Robotics) worked in different research institutes and the automotive industry. He developed and industrialized new machine-learning based solutions across various industries, spanning from semi-conductors to cheese fabrication. He knows the bits and pieces which make it so challenging to bring new algorithms onto production machines and ultimately define success or failure.

Benedikt Schindele.jfif

Benedikt Schindele

CMO - Marketing Lead

Benedikt (B.Sc. in production engineering), brings valuable machine manufacturer's perspective to our ongoing product and business development. With experience in manufacturers, tool builders, leading research institutes, and as an entrepreneur he emphasizes user experience as a key component of the entire customer journey from analysis to solution rollout.

We're looking forward to meeting you within the webinars! Until then, feel free to check out Alpamayo to learn more on how we enable you as an OEM of machines and other complex systems to seamlessly embed best-in-class predictive maintenance into your products. And don't hesitate to reach out to us or directly meeting with us if you have any further questions or are interested in our services!

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